Benjamin Alderfer

3rd Year Software Engineer at RIT

I started programming with VB .NET and Java in High School. I continued learning Java on my own outside of class and worked on personal projects. I've also had experience with Ruby, Python, C, Javascript, CSS, and HTML. I've made Java programs, Android apps, web sites, and more. The majority of my personal work is open source and can be found on my Github page. I also enjoy attending hackathons and my most recent hackathon project was Learn By Images. I worked in a team to create an Android app to help users learn a new language through image recognition and translation of the descriptive words.

Some other projects I am working on are RIT Dining Planner and Shiftr. RIT Dining Planner is both an Android app and a website to help RIT students manage their Dining Dollars. Shiftr is an Android app to help users learn to manually shift a car. It works with OBDII to get the car stats and then calculates the perfect time to shift.

I am also actively learning new technologies and going back and applying them to past projects. Currently I am rewriting Percent Calculator and Hand and Foot Scores with the new technologies and better practices that I have learned.


Rochester Institute of Technology; Graduating May 2020
BS Software Engineering, 3rd year; Web Development Minor

Computer Science and Software Engineering classes: Computer Science for AP Students, Software Engineering 101, Personal Software Engineering, Intro to Software Engineering, Engineering of Software Subsystems, and Software Process and Process Management.

Other relevant classes: Calculus I, II, & III, AP Physics, University Physics I & II, Discrete Math for Computing, Intro to Computer Science Theory, Math Models of Software Engineering, Web and Mobile I & II, Intro to Database and Data Models, Client Programming, and Communication.


Programming Experience: Java, Android, HTML, CSS, SASS, JS, jQuery, Kotlin, Python, Ruby, C, and SQL.

Tools: IntelliJ, Android Studio, Eclipse, Atom, Butter Knife, Dagger, OkHttp, RxJava, Otto, Retrofit, Django framework, Twitter Bootstrap.

Work Experience

  • WillowTree - Software Engineer Intern, June 2017 – Current
    • Working on the Regal Cinemas and Fox News Android apps. Working with a team of engineers, testers, managers, and designers to implement new features and refactor the existing apps.
      Worked with: Android, Java, Kotlin, Butter Knife, Dagger, OkHttp, RxJava, Otto, Retrofit.
  • Velligan-Blaxall Consultants - Full Stack Consultant, September 2016 – March 2017
    • Rebuilt an old ASP system with modern standards. Handled all communications with the customer and helped determine scope, expectations, and possible future extensions. Handled everything from server setup to front-end UI.
      Worked with: Django framework, Python, jQuery, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, SASS, NGINX, Docker, DigitalOcean.
  • Safety and Transparency - Lead Android Developer, May 2016 – August 2016
    • Helped establish user requirements and data structure. Advised on design, best practices, and applicable technology to integrate. Helped design the flow and feature set for all apps. Main areas of focus were use cases, applicable technology, user experience, and design strategies. Led to a better user experience, more robust app, and sustainable practices.
  • Paagr - Android App Consultant, May 2015 – June 2015
    • Created the Android app for users to access their system and advised on design and best practices. Main areas of focus were usability, maintainability, and accessibility. Led to a more consistent and user friendly design across platforms and established maintainable practices.


Past and current projects

Android Development

Web Development

Java Development

  • Library Management System - class project for managing a library that uses the Google Play Books api for book info and supports multiple connections
  • Scrolling Shooter - old school side scrolling shooter with various enemies and a boss
  • Program for a cemetery - reads data from a spreadsheet using Apache POI and creates an interactive map of the cemetery

Contact Me

Feel free to send me a message at any time.