Rochester Institute of Technology; Graduating May 2020
BS Software Engineering, 4th year; Web Development Minor; GPA: 3.84/4.0

Computer Science and Software Engineering classes: Computer Science for AP Students, Intro to Computer Science Theory, Software Engineering 101, Personal Software Engineering, Intro to Software Engineering, Math Models of Software Engineering, Engineering of Software Subsystems, Software Process and Process Management, Engineering Secure Software, Software Testing, Engineering of Enterprise Software Systems, and Human-Centered Requirements and Design.

Other relevant classes: Calculus I, II, & III, AP Physics, University Physics I & II, Discrete Math for Computing, Web and Mobile I & II, Intro to Database and Data Models, Client Programming, Server Programming, Engineering Fundamentals of Computer Systems, Fundamentals of Computing Security, Communication, and Public Speaking.

Professional Experience

  • Expel, Inc.: Software Engineering Co-Op, January 2019 - May 2019
    • Working primarily on the API team to add new features and refactor old ones
    • Implementing cross cutting changes across multiple apps and languages
    • Rewrote documentation generation to be smaller, faster, and more detailed
    • Working with: Javascript, Node.js, Express, JSON:API, Sequelize, Mocha, Chai, PostgreSQL
  • The MITRE Corporation: Innovation and Technology Intern, May 2018 - August 2018
    • Created Alexa skills to automate help desk questions and room reservation
    • Contributed to middleware between the help desk and chat bots
    • Helped design the architecture and server for future internal Alexa skills
    • Worked with multiple departments to address security, privacy, and design concerns
    • Worked with: Javascript, Node.js, Alexa, Express, axios
  • WillowTree: Software Engineer Intern, June 2017 – December 2017
    • Contributed to the Regal Cinemas and Fox News Android apps
    • Worked with a team of engineers, testers, managers, and designers to implement new features and refactor the existing app
    • Onboarded new team members and led the Regal Android team for 4 sprints
    • Contributed to Hyperion, an open source tool to add plugins to an app
    • Worked with: Android, Java, Kotlin, Butter Knife, DexGuard, Dagger, OkHttp, RxJava, Otto, Retrofit
  • Velligan-Blaxall Consultants: Full Stack Consultant, September 2016 – March 2017
    • Rebuilt a legacy system with modern standards
    • Handled everything from server setup to front-end UI
    • Worked with: Django framework, Python, jQuery, MySQL, Twitter Bootstrap, SASS
  • Safety and Transparency: Lead Android Developer, May 2016 – August 2016
    • Helped establish user requirements and data structure
    • Main areas of focus were use cases, applicable technology, user experience, and design strategies
    • Led to a better user experience, more robust app, and sustainable practices
  • Paagr: Android App Consultant, May 2015 – June 2015
    • Created the Android app and advised on design and best practices
    • Focused on usability, maintainability, and accessibility
    • Worked towards maintainable practices and better usability across platforms


Android Development

  • Published on Google Play as Ben Alderfer
  • Shiftr
    • Teach drivers to manually shift using an OBDII car diagnostic device
    • Tools: Android, Kotlin, obd-java-api
  • Learn By Images
    • Learn a new language through picture recognition and translation
    • Tools: Android, Java, Clarifai, Microsoft Translator
  • RIT Dining Planner
    • Campus dining expense planner
    • Used to help manage a meal plan over the semester
    • Tools: Android, Java, Joda-Time
  • Budget Splitter
    • General expense planner
    • Tools: Android, Java, Joda-Time
  • Hand and Foot Scores
    • A score keeper and instructional app for the card game "Hand and Foot"
    • Tools: Android, Kotlin
  • Percent Calculator
    • Highly customizable tip and discount calculator
    • Tools: Android, Java

Web Development

  • Course Planner
    • Front-end development for a long-term educational course planner
    • Tools: AngularJS, HTML, SASS, JS
  • HealthNet
    • Full-stack development for a hospital management system
    • Functionality included: Managing users and defining relationships, adding records, viewing statistics and logs, and roles and permissions
    • Tools: Django, HTML, SASS, JS, Python
  • Foremost
    • Front-end development for a site to manage a database and set reminders
    • Tools: HTML, SASS, JS
  • Team Room Tracker
    • Back-end development for a room management system
    • Tools: Flask, Python
  • This site
    • Responsive resume site written from scratch with a couple Easter eggs
    • Tools: HTML, SASS, jQuery, JS
  • RIT Dining Planner
    • Campus dining expense planner
    • Used to help manage a meal plan over the semester
    • Tools: Material Design Lite, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JS

Java Development

  • Library Management System
    • Class project for managing a library that supports multiple connections and can look up book information
    • Tools: Google Play Books, Java
  • Scrolling Shooter
    • Old school side scrolling shooter with randomly generated levels, power-ups, various enemies, and a boss
    • Tools: Java
  • Cemetery Viewer
    • Reads data from an Excel spreadsheet and creates an interactive map of the cemetery
    • Tools: Java, Apache POI


Programming Experience: Java, Android, HTML, Kotlin, CSS, SASS, JS, Python, jQuery, C, Ruby, SQL

Tools: IntelliJ, Android Studio, Atom, Eclipse, DexGuard, Butter Knife, Dagger, OkHttp, RxJava, Otto, Retrofit, Node.js, Django, Twitter Bootstrap

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